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Pet Transport into Australia

Relocating to Australia or New Zealand and want to ensure your 4 legged family member doesn’t miss out? Moving home with an extra “furry” family member? Already living in Australia and want to bring a prized dog or bitch into the country? Are you an overseas agent looking for assistance with an import then you have come to the right place. For our agents please email [email protected]

No problem if your planning to relocate to Australia but living outside of Melbourne (The only quarantine center in Australia) Pets Abroad UK can collect your pet from quarantine and send to any location in Australia with ease.

As part of our Pet export Service we can arrange:

  • Import permit applications
  • Quarantine reservations
  • Advice and schedules for pre-import blood tests and vaccinations
  • Endorsements and vet checks with overseas animal health authorities
  • Overall management of your pets relocation
  • Flights into Australia
  • Collection from Quarantine and delivery to your residence- (10 days of quarantine )

A premium service that covers more than the basics. We have a range of options designed to ensure your pet is in the safest of hands, and that you as the pet owner are feeling as reassured as possible throughout the entire process.

– Like to be organised? So do we. To help you, we have designed a pet travel checklist App that helps to you keep track of and set reminders for the important points in your pets international relocation. Download it on IOS and Android.

Despite what may feel like something completely foreign, you are not alone. We transport hundreds of pets each year into Australia. Get in touch with our team.

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RSPCA Partner.

Pets Abroad UK offices around Australia partner up and work with the RSPCA helping to reunite pets with people.

Members of IPATA

We are members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association), which ensures that we have trusted travel partners in every country of the world to ensure Any Animal, Anywhere, Anytime philosophy is maintained with the same high levels of care that we offer.

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