Frequently Asked Questions

What is door to door service?

Your pet will be collected in a climate-controlled, state of the art vehicle by a Pets Abroad UK pet handling specialist and transported to premium holding facilities before travelling. At the appropriate time, your pet will be transported to the airport and a Pets Abroad UK handler will be waiting at the other end to carefully courier the pet to its final destination.

How much does it cost to send a Dog from Australia to New Zealand?

The price for an animal to travel from Australia to New Zealand can vary a lot from job to job so it is always best to request a quote with our team to give you a more accurate idea of how much it would cost.

How much is pet transport to Australia?

The average cost for longer distance deliveries is around A$2500 to A$4000, while the average cost for shorter distance pet transport is around A$300 to A$500. For more detailed information on the cost to transport your pet, please fill out a quote and one of team will email you back with a full quote.

Can you bring a dog to the airport to pick someone up Sydney?

Pets are not allowed at the airport unless they are working dogs or are in a safe kennel. Contact Pets Abroad UK and we will be able to take care of everything.

What is airport to airport service?

When you choose airport to airport pet travel you are arranging for Pets Abroad UK to book your pet on a flight using their discounted freight rates. A crate for your pet will be available at the airport 90-120 minutes before travel.

Neither of these options suit me. Can I have a tailor made travel plan?

With Pets Abroad UK extensive national network of professional pet travel consultants you can confidently receive information of the many and varied levels of service. Simply contact Pets Abroad UK to discuss your requirements.

How long before take-off must pets arrive at the airport?

Major airports servicing domestic flights require pets to be at the airport 90 – 120 minutes before departure. Pets Abroad UK travel consultants will confirm with each booking the time you are required to be at the airport as well as address to ensure your pet is presented within the requirements of the airline they are travelling on. Should your pet be travelling internationally your professional sales consultant will advise all details in regards to your pets’ movements prior to departure.

Can I give my pet a meal or treat before they fly?

To avoid travel sickness, it is recommended you don’t feed your pet at least six hours before their travel time.

Should I sedate my pet to reduce the stress of travel?

Preferably not. Pets that are under sedation can become dehydrated, disorientated and have travel sickness. It also makes it more difficult to assess a pet’s health on arrival. For dogs and cats that are particularly anxious Pets Abroad UK can recommend other ways to ensure that your pet is as relaxed as possible prior to travel.

Where do pets travel on the plane?

Pets travel in a compartment which is usually at the rear of the plane. Pets travel in a temperature controlled environment that is set to approximately 18deg by the captain of the flight. The compartment is pressurized in the same way the passenger cabin is and is dimly lit. With the gentle hum of the aircraft pets often spend the time dozing before reaching their destination.

Can my pet’s favourite toy or blanket travel with them?

Small soft toys are allowed to travel with your pet. In the event of turbulence, you do not want hard objects in the crate which may potentially cause harm. Comfort items such as some of your personal (unwashed) clothing or a familiar blanket can create a sense of security. Please note: Customs prevents natural products from travelling i.e sheepskin or wool. Items such as bean bags, pet food, bones, and anything metal, are all strictly prohibited on flights. Important documentation not required for transport should be mailed to the receiver and not attached to travel container as separation of the documents makes it extremely difficult to trace.

Will my pet travel on the same flight as me?

Every airline has to abide by a set of standards and regulations with pet travel, it is best to contact Pets Abroad UK to discuss the airline you intend to travel on prior to purchasing passenger tickets. This will enable you to make an informed decision on which airline you can travel on and suitable flights on offer with the preferred airline.

What happens before, during and after the flight?

Once lodged at the airline terminal for the flight the airline staff place your pet in a special waiting area. Your pet will be last to be loaded onto the flight to avoid any lengthy waits in the elements on the tarmac. On the flight the pets are secured into positon in the temperature controlled, pressurized area. Unfortunately, while in transit the aircraft configuration doesn’t allow for an airline staff member to check on your pets.

Pets are the first off the plane and are then taken to the cargo terminal. If your pet is transiting a particular airport on route to their final destination Pets Abroad UK staff will provide a comfort stop if time allows or the airlines will check to see that your pet is travelling well and ready for the next leg.

Which travel crate will my pet travel in?

It is critical to your pets wellbeing when travelling that your pet travels in a crate that is suitable for them. This means a crate that is not too small but also means a crate that is not too big. A crate that is too big for your pet can mean if the flight has some turbulence your pet can become unsettled. Pets Abroad UK are experts in being able to select the correct size for your pet. All crates used by Pets Abroad UK comply with IATA specifications and are therefore approved by the airlines. Pets Abroad UK has extensive information on travel crates at Crate Hire

I’m travelling today but I won’t be ready for my pet until I’ve set up my new home. Can you make arrangements for my pet?

Pets Abroad UK have a network of privately owned and approved agent boarding facilities in many destinations, please contact your Pets Abroad UK office to discuss the requirements for entry, local pricing and availability particularly in peak seasons. Pets Abroad UK can also offer many other services whilst in board such as exercise plans, hydro bathing and grooming services, please call to discuss.

I'm unsure of the style of service I may need?

Pets Abroad UK can handle as much or as a little of a service as you may need. We can offer a full door to door service meaning your pet will be collected from your residence in one of our climate controlled vans, taken to boarding or directly to the airport depending on the flight schedule and collected and delivered at the destination. In the case of international travel this would also include the customs clearance and other requirements in the destination country

We also offer other services including Airport to airport or depot to depot depending what you may need. Please see our pet travel services page for more details.

What else can I do to ensure my pet has a safe and comfortable trip?

The first rule to follow is that you stay relaxed. Pets can sense stress in humans and it makes them uneasy, particularly if there is a change in the air like a move domestic or overseas. When you send your pets with Pets Abroad UK, you can trust that your pets will be given the highest standard of care. All decisions we make for your pet regarding the routing , day and time of travel, crate size and other relevant items are based on ensuring the highest level of welfare for your pet. Check out our tips on preparing a pet for travel go to Pet Travel Preparation

What if my pet needs a vet?

Pets Abroad UK works with the Australia’s largest contingent of government accredited vets right across the country. (while the requirements have changed we very much recommend a former accredited vet completes your vetting)  Pets Abroad UK works with accredited vets in your area to ensure timely blood tests are met and all necessary vaccinations are given all within a controlled veterinary environment rather than your house environment minimising the risk to your pet.

What is your customer care Code?

Our Customer Charter expresses the 5 external values that we work toward with each move in order to be able to provide the expertise, confidence and reassurance to pet owners moving their pets. By living by our Customer Charter pets are prepared for travel with their welfare being the number one priority, travel arrangements are made based around your own set of unique requirements, the best and most direct routing and timings are chosen that are available, the details are provided in an easy to understand and clear fashion and finally that your experience with Pets Abroad UK met and went beyond your expectations.

Is Pet Transport Safe?

The overwhelming answer to this question is YES.

Dogs, cats and other pet’s types like reptiles, rabbits, birds and even fish travel extremely well without suffering any adverse side effects. Pets travel in a pressurized, temperature controlled dimly lit section of the cargo hold, where the travel crates are safely strapped into position by trained airline staff. It may be of some comfort to know that the captain of the aircraft sets the temperature of the cargo hold. When animals are travelling the temperature is generally set to approximately 18 degrees Celsius.

Pets Abroad UK strictly follow the protocols laid out by IATA in the Live Animals Regulations manual.The regulations cover key areas such as crate specifications, airport and airline restrictions and safe travelling conditions. In addition to the Live Animal Regulations (LAR) Pets Abroad UK call on a nationwide network of government accredited vets to ensure timely blood tests are met and all necessary vaccinations are given all within a controlled veterinary environment minimizing the risk to your pet.

The shortest routes to all destinations are chosen. If a direct route is not possible, where time permits Pets Abroad UK staff will do a personal comfort stop in transit at the airport terminal.Your pet will access to water throughout the flight.

For further information regarding how best to prepare a pet for transport go to Pet Travel Preparation

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